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EVOLVE 106 – June 23rd – Brooklyn, NY – Live Blog

You can watch this show Live or on demand on FiteTV or WWNLive

Jarek 1:20 just cut a promo in a restaurant on Darby Allin saying that Jarek 1:20 is already a bigger namenthan Darby Allin and he’s going to prove it.

AR Fox vs Matt Riddle promo video for 107, tomorrow. AR Fox says “I want my belt back Bro”. Tonight is Shane Strickland vs Matt Riddle and Riddle is the champion so he’ll have to make it past Strickland for AR Fox to get a shot at his belt

To view the line-up for tonight And tomorrow, Click Here

We start the show with Lenny Leonard and Ron Neime in the ring announcing tonight’s matches.

Timothy Barr announces our first match.

Josh Briggs vs Bad Bones

Josh Briggs makes his way to the ring first, followed by Bad Bones. This starts fast with Bad Bones jumping Josh Briggs. The first few minutes have been all Bad Bones until a dive was countered and Josh Briggs gave Bad Bones a huge Chokeslam to the apron. These two are hitting big moves on each other so it looks close to the finish. Josh Briggs beats Bad Bones with a huge Chokeslam. That was a good match, both guys worked hard but I feel Josh Briggs needs to work on his selling a bit but that’ll come with time. Winner Josh Briggs.

Jarek 1:20 W/ Candy Cartwright vs Jon Davis

This starts with Jarek 1:20 and Candy Cartwright coming to the ring to cut a promo on Darby Allin saying Jarek is the most inspirational person in EVOLVE. Jon Davis interupts Jarek saying he wants a fight and the match is made. Jon Davis takes it to Jarek heavy in the early stages if this match with suplexes and forearms until Jarek falls out of the Ring holding Jon’s arm pulling his face into the ropes. This match is more intense and therefore the crowd are into it more. Jon Davis has been very dominant and it made me think Jarek was going to win but almost out of nowhere Davis picks up the win. Jon Davis needs music, he has no music. Winner Jon Davis.

The Skulk vs The Skulk

This starts with AR Fox W/ Ayla and The Skulk. The Skulk is basically just AR Fox’s gang or group. AR Fox announces the names of four guys from his group but I missed them. I’m not sure what to say about this match when I don’t know the guys and they are on the same team so I guess The Skulk win. Good match though. We get another AR Fox promo after but I couldn’t really hear any of it.

Apparently Art Fox called out DJZ because he cane out next.

DJZ vs AR Fox W/ Ayla and The Skulk

This is a very fast paced match with all sorts of crazy high flying moves. DJZ pulled out a really cool looking rana from the apron and just minutes later AR Fox hits a huge guillotine legdrop from the top rope to the apron. AR Fox missed a impressive senton bomb and DJZ dives over the top rope to take out the entire Skulk on the outside. Backin the ring AR Fox makes a come back and hits a one man Spanish Fly for a really good near fall. Fox hits his finisher which is a cross armed jumping DDT for the win. Winner, AR Fox W/ Ayla and The Skulk.

Darby Allin vs WALTER

This starts like you would imagine, with Darby Allin taking an ass kicking early on. Allin starts off by getting a bloody mouth and WALTER looks like he’s killing this kid. WALTER looks to be in great shape, maybe the leanest I’ve ever seen him but he must be at least twice the size of Darby Allin. Allin is trying to fight back but it’s not having much affect. WALTER is chopping Allin and beating him but Darby keeps fighting back and kicking out. Darby is getting the fans behind him but WALTER is a lot bigger and stronger. Allin gets a near fall from reversing a powerbomb and the crowd chants “This Is Awesome”. Darby Allin is targeting the hand of WALTERAFTER the big man chopped the post earlier. Allin reverses a sleeper by attacking the hand and rolling back to pin WALTER. After the match, WALTER boots Darby Allin but Allin keeps smiling. Winner, Darby Allin.


The fist half was fun and so far the matches have got better and the show has flowed and built well so far. I am enjoying this show.

Mike E Verna vs Brian Idol

Verna gets a good reaction here and everything Idol does he gets booed, fun crowd. Verna gives Idol a hurricanrana from the top and it looked rough for Idol. It appears these two have got slightly lost in what they were doing but are trying to pull it back. Brian Idol won this match but it was not pretty, sorry. Winner, Brian Idol.

6 Man Grudge Tag Match – Tracy Williams, Timothy Thatcher and Anthony Henry vs Chris Dickinson, Jaka and Dom Garrini W/ Stokely Hathaway

The two teams start by all splitting up and fighting around the ring and this will be tough to call with so much happening at once.

This was a complete slugfest with mayhem everywhere but in the end Jaka rolled up Anthony Henry for the win. After the match Thatcher took his anger out for losing on Henry by kicking him to the head. Winners Chris Dickinson, Jaka and Dom Garrini

WWN Championship Match – Austin Theory W/ Priscilla Kelly vs Joey Janela W/ Penelope Ford

This match was fun and the end road loved it, Joey Janela made his return to WWN & EVOLVE and after a pretty insane match, Joey Janela picks up the win with a brainbuster from the Second rope. Winner and new WWN Champion, Joey Janela.

EVOLVE Championship Match – Matt Riddle (c) vs Shane Strickland

Shane Strickland makes his entrance first followed by Matt Riddle who hugs and shakes hands with fans until Shane Strickland attacks Riddle at ringside before the bell. The bell has rung, Riddle tried to fight back but Strickland has the upper hand on the champ. Strickland is all over Matt Riddle, targeting the arms of Riddle. The Champion, Matt Riddle is turning it around starting with some big knee stokes and a powerbomb. Matt Riddle starts grappling Strickland and Shane gets to the ropes but there is no rope break in an EVOLVE Championship Match. Shane Strickland gives Matt Riddle a powerbomb on the apron then a really good looking double stomp from the top rope which Riddle kicks out of. Riddle accidentally knocks out the ref with a knee strike to the face in the corner. They brawl to the back but Shane Strickland pulls down the very cheap looking curtain that was “the locker room” which has annoyed the entire EVOLVE roster that was still there. They carried Strickland back to the ring to get choked out by Riddle. This was a no contest as the ref was knocked unconscious. Riddle cut a promo apologising for the finish saying he was disappointed, Shane Strickland was disappointed because he got choked out and then apologised to the ref. The fans were happy. Matt Riddle celebrated with the Championship.

Really fun show, I look forward to tomorrow night’s EVOLVE 107

EVOLVE has Finished.

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