SPOILERS & Results from WWE UK Championship Tournament – Royal Albert Hall – Night 2

I have been sent results and spoilers from Night of in Royal Albert Hall June 19th. This will air on the WWE Network and is a Spoiler.

If anyone attends a show, I would love results sent to prowresmatt@gmail.com and appreciate everyone who does.

Credit to Matt Roberts for these results

Results are as follows;

El Ligero vs Wildboar

Ligero defeats Wildboar Mike Hitchman in the dark match. Winner, El Ligero

NXT Tag Team Championship Match – Moustache Mountain vs Undisputed Era(c)

Moustache Mountain defeat Undisputed Era to become new NXT Tag Team Champions. A really fun match, the crowd was on fire throughout, and the reaction at their win was incredible. Winners and new champions, Moustache Mountain.

Charlie Morgan vs Killer Kelly

Charlie Morgan beat Killer Kelly

Jonny Saint comes out

GM Jonny Saint appears to announce the next match will be a Fourway Fatal and introduces the returning Noam Dar who looks in phenomenal shape and defeated Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews and Travis Banks.

Adam Cole vs Wolfgang

Adam Cole beat Wolfgang. Everyone loves Cole. No one was really bothered by Wolfie though.

Aliester Black & Ricochet vs Velveteen Dream & EC3

Aleister Black and Ricochet beat Velveteen Dream and EC3. All four guys are so over it’s ridiculous!

NXT Woman’s Championship Match – Shayna Baszler(c) vs Toni Storm

Shayna Baszler beats Toni Storm to retain her NXT woman’s championship by countout after hitting multiple rear naked chokes to Storm leaving her unable to get back in the ring. Winner, Baszler.

Finals of the WWE UK Championship Tournament 2018 – Pete Dunne vs Zack Gibbson

Pete Dunne defeats tournament winner Zack Gibson to retain the U.K. championship. The crowd were on fire as always for Dunne and Gibson, it will be interesting to see how it comes off on screen as Mauro and Nigel were leaping out their seats at the action in the ring and crack up at the crowd chants. “Shoes off if you hate Gibson” was a particular favourite. Winner, Pete Dunne.


Afterwards HHH appears along side the rest of the U.K. wrestlers involved for photos on the stage and a parade lap of the ring to celebrate with the crowd which was a nice touch.

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