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ROHSOTA – Dallas, Texas – June 16

Welcome to my rundown of Ring Of Honor’s State Of The Art show from Dallas, Texas. This show took place around the same of NXT Takeover Chicago which I covered live on a Live Blog. To view Results & Reactions from NXT, Click Here.

This was the second show available on Honor Club and FiteTV, the first emanated from San Antonio, Texas. If you haven’t seen results from that show, Click Here for those.

The show starts with a shot of the crowd and the normal commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana is joined by WOH Champion, Sumie Sukai.

Thunder Rosa vs Tenille Dashwood

Thunder Rosa made her entrance first, Rosa made her Honor Club debut last night in San Antonio for State Of The Art. Tenille Dashwood made her entrance and got a good reaction with streamers. Thunder Rosa jumped Tenille before the bell. When the bell rung, Tenille was wobbly but managed to make a comeback. Sumie Sukai came across on commentary as if she didn’t know much English at all, I’m not sure it if that would be an issue. This match was a good opener, it looked a bit awkward in spots but they put on a good match. Tenille Dashwood wins with spotlight.

The Boys vs The Young Bucks

The Boys came out first followed by the very popular Young Bucks who get a good reaction everywhere they go. Streamers everywhere for the Bucks. This started with a test of strength which Nick Jackson sold like Boy 2 was breaking his fingers but then stopped selling it and said “I was just kidding” then elbowed him in the face. The was a very fun match and while on the outside The Boys throw Nick into a post and Nick runs up the post and backflips off and takes out the Boys in an awesome spot that I’m sure will be GIFed somewhere on Twitter. This match finished with a double Indy Taker with Matt holding both Boys upside down when Nick springboards in the ring. Winners The Young Bucks.

After the match Cody, Brandi and Bernard the Business Bear came to join The Young Bucks. Cody teased booking flip but he didn’t. The Young Bucks left to go shower so Cody and Brandi came out to ” campaign ” for Cody having a match against Shane Taylor cancelled due to “Safety”. Shane Taylor came out to cut a promo that lasted a long time and he didn’t really say much. But the match is back on.

6-Man Championship Match – Team CMLL, Altlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr and Stuka Jr vs The Kingdom

Team CMLL came out first followed by the champs, The Kingdom. This match starts wit a jump start on Team CMLL and the Kingdom target Stuka Jr early and it contested under Lucha rules. This was a fun match that I wasn’t really to invested in before going in, I don’t watch much CMLL and I’m not a huge fan of The Kingdom but this was entertaining. Some good action and never a file spot, Matt Taven pins Guerrero Maya Jr with the powerbomb. Winners to retain their championships, The Kingdom.

Triple Threat Match – Flip Gordon vs Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll

Flip made his entrance first then Jay Lethal and finally, the Villain, Marty Scurll. When this stated Marty told Flip to “step aside” while he “schools” Jay Lethal. Marty seems to get the better of Jay early when Marty tells Jay to “get out” because it’s time to school Flip. Flip gets in the ring while Jay gets out, this time Flip get the better of Marty and the crowd current “we want Lethal” so Marty says “You and You go at it, I’m going home” but when Marty walks of he turns ban to stank Jay from behind,. After that it turned into a normal triplethreat. Its was exactly what you expect from these three, a greatly exciting match, at the end Marty hit Flip with a reverse DDT from the top rope, which my heart nearly stopped during, then got Flip in the Chicken Wing for a submission victory.

After the match Bully Ray attacked Flip with a chair which Flip prevented with a superkick but when flip picked up the chair Bully Low blowed Filp. Bully cut a promo on Flip Gordon hyping the match they will be having at Best In The World, June 29th.


Adam Cole vs ACH from 2016 – Winner, Adam Cole

After the break we have SoCal Uncensored cut a promo on Dallas calling it the worst town they have ever been in.

The Addiction vs Delirious & Shane “Hurricane” Helms

Hurricane gets a nice response making his entrance after making his official Ring Of Honor Debut yesterday in six man action. In this match Delirious crawls under the ring and comes out the otherside about 4 ft tall, referee Todd Sinclair sees no issue with this and calls for the match to continue even though kazarian is claiming shenanigans. This was another fun match and in the end Hurricane pins Christopher Daniels with a chokeslam and after the match Shane “Hurricane” Helms and both Delirious’ celebrate.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match – Killer Elite Squad, Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer vs The Briscoes

KES made their entrance first followed by the Champions, The Briscoes. This feels like it’s going to be a war as the introductions happen, these are two serious teams. This was a very hard hitting match with KES taking it to The Briscoes with hard chokeslams and powerbombs, after extensive brawls outside the ring. Somehow The Briscoes managed to get a win here with a roll up reversal from another chokeslam for Mark to pin Lance Archer. Winners The Briscoes.

After the match The Briscoes cut a promo calling Bullet Club fans stupid idiots saying at Best In The World they will Kill the Bullet Club, The Briscoes are going to Kill The Young Bucks. At this point The Young Bucks come out through the crowd and superkick both Briscoe Brothers and hold the championships high to celebrate.

Shane Taylor vs Cody

Cody was joined by Brandi and Bernard the Business Bear as usual. Shane Taylor takes it to Cody for a large portion of this match, but Cody came back targeting the leg of Shane Taylor. Big ref bump in this match which leads to the finish, when Cody gives the referee a disaster kick and when Bernard is in the ring he distracts Shane Taylor for a roll up victory. Winner, Cody.

Proving Grounds 6 man mayhem instant reward ROH World television championship match – Punishment Martinez vs Cheeseburger vs Jonathan Gresham vs Adam Page vs Scorpio Sky vs Silas Young

The rules in this match are, we have two guys in the ring at once and anyone can tag anyone. If the winner is not the champion, they get a title shot. If the champion wins, the person he pins doesn’t get a shot while the current champion has the title.

In this match we have multiple dives, fast action and bodies everywhere. Everyone got time to shine but the crowd was probably mostly behind Hangman. Not really much to write here but everyone looked good. Punishment Martinez won this match after going through a table by Page, he pinned Cheeseburger.

After that the match for the ROH TV Championship started, which suprised me, I thought it would be at a different time. We have Punishment Martinez vs Silas Young and this didn’t last long. Punishment Martinez hits Silas with the South of Heaven chokeslam for the win and the championship. The crowd popped for the title change but seemed pretty dead after that, and I felt the same. Maybe it’s just because Punishment is a heel, maybe it’s because the shows was so long but I was glad for the end of the show. I don’t want you to think I didn’t enjoy the show, or that the wrestling was bad, because it wasn’t. Individually I liked each match it’s just the length of both of these two shows were just too much. Ring Of Honor should consider shortening the shows or something because I love wrestling, and ROH but I felt fatigued.

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