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ROHSOTA – San Antonio, TX – Detailed Results

Welcome to my rundown of the Ring Of Honor show, State Of The Art emanating from San Antonio, Texas. This is the first show streaming Live and On-Demand via FiteTV and Honor Club.

We begin the show with the crowd chanting ROH as Ian Riccaboni welcomes us. Ian is wearing a cowboy hat and he is joined by Colt Cabana and Colt announces that due to “travel complications”, The Briscoes could not make it and therefore will not be in the main event. Colt and Ian are probably my favourite commentary team in ROH.

The Kingdom vs The Boys

The Show kicks off with The Boys making their entrances, followed by Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia, The Kingdom. The Boys jumped The Kingdom at the start. This started off fast with the boys getting lots of shine on the kingdom. The crowd was fully behind the boys to start until Matt Taven cut off boy 1 with a knee. Vinny through boy 2 under the ring, then when they both emerged boy 2 is wearing a yellow coat with a cut off arm on it, just like the boy from IT. Vinny then pulls him into a “pit” at ringside. The Kingdom get the heat on boy 1. Boy 2 makes a come back with the yellow raincoat still on. He makes a hot tag and boy 2 takes the fight to The Kingdom while stripping the coat off. The Kingdom was too much for the Boys and The Kingdom pick up the win with a reverse DDT from Marseglia and a frog splash to Boy 2. Winners, The Kingdom.

This was a good opener with lots of energy, the crowd was very behind the Boys.

Matt Taven cuts a promo, after giving Boy 1 a bangerang, telling the live crowd The Briscoes are not there but The Kingdom putting themselves in the Main Event.

Flip Gordon Vs Rhett Titus

Rhett Titus comes out alone then followed by Flip Gordon. This started with a few minutes of back and forth with Flip flipping and Rhett Titus doing well to avoid some offence. At one point Flip messes up a dive to the outside and the crowd chants “You Fucked Up” which I just don’t like. This was pretty much the start of the heat on Flip. Ian and Colt mention that Rhett Titus started training with Ring Of Honor in 2006. Flip makes a come back with chops but was cut off for another minute or two. Which was when Flip made a nice missile dropkick and a big flip to the outside. Back in the ring Flip Gordon gets in some good near falls, one off a “Kinder Suprise”. The Winner of the match, Flip Gordon with a springboard “star spangled banner” which is a spinning stunner from a springboard. Good match with good action from these guys and most of the live crowd seemed into Flip.

WOH Tag Match – Women Of Honor Champion Sumie Sukai & Tenille Dashwood vs Thunder Rosa & Kelly Klein

Thunder Rosa made her entrance first followed by her tag partner Kelly Klein. Tenille Dashwood made her entrance before the champion Sumie Sukai. This match does not begin with the code of honor, Sumie starts with Thunder Rosa with some grappling. Once Sumie gets an armbar Kelly Klein gets in and stomps on Sumie but Sukai tags Tenille and the babyface team gets the shine on Kelly & Thunder Rosa for a while. Eventually Kelly Klein gets the heat on Sumie Sukai. Kelly and Rosa double team Sumie for a bit and Rosa delivers a huge shotgun dropkick to the back of Sumie. Sumie would make a comeback with a German suplex and got the hot tag to Tenille, who the crowd was chanting for. Tenille does the tarantula and with both opponents in the corner Dashwood does a running cross body. Tenille tags Sumie but the heels double team her with a powerbomb for a good false finish. Sumie Sukai pins Thunder Rosa with smashmouth for the win. Winners, Sumie Sukai & Tenille Dashwood.

Jay Lethal vs TK O’Ryan

TK O’Ryan made his entrance first. When Lethal made his entrance, the crowd was chanting for him and seemed very into the franchise of ROH. Jay and TK was about to start with some wrestling until TK slapped Jay Lethal and rolled out the ring, claiming he was “so good”. This started a brawl between the two, which Jay got the best of early. Every time TK got the better if Jay Lethal he would show of to the crowd, who booed him. After a heat spot, Jay Lethal made a come back with chops and strikes, but was cut off with a strike to the throat of Lethal. Most of this match was a slugfest but TK was showing off way too much against Lethal. Jay did a spot here where he through TK into the corners 10 times while the crowd counted. TK O’Ryan countered a Lethal injection for a near fall. They both end up on the top rope and Jay fights back knocking TK off the top, Jay goes for an elbow but TK puts his foot up, Jay catches the foot goes for a figure four and gets rolled up but kicked out. Jay then hits the Lethal injection for the win. Winner, Jay Lethal.

SoCal Uncensored vs Team CMLL – Atlantis, Stuka Jr & Guerrero Maya Jr

SoCal Uncensored make their entrance first. They cut a promo on the crowd saying this is the worst town they have ever been in ect. Team CMLL make their entrances together. This mat h started with Atlantis and Christopher Daniels, these two wrestle and seem pretty even. Both tag out to Stuka and Sky. This match had lots of action and backbreakers from Maya Jr until the cut off for the double and triple teaming on Guerrero Maya Jr by SoCal Uncensored. Maya gets the hot Tag to Stuka Jr which is when the match got wild. After Stuka Jr and Guerrero Maya Jr hit huge dives to the outside, Atlantis pinned Daniels with a Tilt-a-whirl.

Silas Young vs Curt Stallion

Curt Stallion came out first, followed by Silas Young. This match started off fast with Curt Stallion attacking Silas early but Silas was too much for Curt. Silas got cocky which was the opening Curt Stallion needed. Stallion got a good nearfall on Silas with a Okada-style backbreaker. Stallion hits a huge Spanish Fly variation from the top rope but didn’t have enough to make the cover. They went slap for slap and punch for punch which was great but Silas hits his finisher a minute later for the win. Winner, Silas Young. Stallion looked really good in this and the crowd cheered him after.

Six-man tag team match – Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Cheeseburger and Delirous vs Punishment Martinez, Bully Ray and Shane Taylor

Shane Taylor Made his entrance first, followed by Punishment Martinez. Bully Ray came out to no music just boos. Delirious came out first for his team, he was followed by Cheeseburger. Making his debut for Ring of Honor, Shane “Hurricane” Helms. This match started with Delirious and Shane Taylor until Delirous tried chopping Taylor to no avail when he just poked Shane in the eyes. Cheeseburger got tagged in and demanded Bully. Bully Ray tagged himself in walked around the Ring with everyone chanting “Cheeseburger”, just before locking up, tagged out to Punishment. They all take turns tagging in and seeing how far they can throw cheeseburger with different moves. Cheeseburger got the hot tag to Hurricane, after Shane Helms ran wild on all three, him and his teammates triple teams Punishment Martinez for a near fall. Punishment Martinez pinned Delirious with a South of Heaven Chokeslam. Winners Punishment Martinez, Shane Taylor and Bully Ray. After the match Hurricane bowed and the crowd cheered for him.

Cody vs Jonathan Gresham

Jon Gresham came out first who got a good reaction. Cody got a much bigger reaction, Cody is a superstar in ROH. Cody was joined by Brandi and Bernard the Business Bear. This started with Cody offering the ring to Jon Gresham to kiss, the fans chanted “Kiss the Ring” and “asshole” when Gresham kicked it away. Ian Riccaboni kissed the ring and Cody kissed Ian on the forehead. The bell rings. They start chain wrestling and Gresham is confusing Cody to start with then starts out wrestling Cody. Gresham starts working the arms with joint manipulation, arm locks and arm drags. After a while of being targeted by “the octopus” Cody fights back and hits a big dive of the top to the outside but Cody is still hurt from the arm locks, which Gresham tries to target again. Jonathan Gresham tries tying up Cody for a pin but when Cody kicks out Gresham goes flying into Referee Todd Sinclair. Todd is obviously hurt but I’m not sure it was planned so Todd sold his knee and Gresham starts to fire up, at this point the crowd boo and chant “You Hurt Todd”. Cody and Gresham trade strikes until Jon hits a deadlift German for a near fall. About one minute after Cody hits a Cross Rhodes for the win. Winner Cody. Cody shakes Jonathan Gresham’s hand after the match.

The Young Bucks, Marty & Adam “Hangman” Page vs Killer Elite Squad and The Kingdom

The Kingdom come out first, then joined by their partners in this 8 man tag match The Killer Elite Squad, Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. Bullet Club is out next with only Page coming out to Bullet Club music. The Villain, Marty Scurll was second to the ring for Bullet Club. The Young Bucks were last to the ring and got a huge reception. Lance Archer calls Bullet Club “Small Little punks, little bitches that’s what you are”. Taven starts with Marty and Marty completely out wrestles Taven. As Marty gets the fingers of Taven Archer runs in the grabs Scurll by the throat, this prompts the Young Bucks to get in the ring, that’s with it all broke down. With everybody doing dives, and a huge Moonsalt by page. Each member of Bullet Club starts shaking the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior which gets cheers each time until they realise that they can do it together, this got a massive pop and I found it very entertaining. The Kingdom and Killer Elite Squad get the heat on Page until Page got the hot tag to Matt Jackson but KES are too strong. Kingdom and KES get another heat spot on Marty but Scull gets hold of Archers fingers and snaps both hands and the bucks have a superkick party. Adam page pins Vinny Marseglia with a Right of passage with a triple assist when The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll jump from the top rope. Winner, Bullet Club.

This was a fun show, just a bit longer than I prefer a wrestling show to be but I’m not complaining. A really enjoyable show and it shows like these that make me glad I’ve subscribed to Honor club VIP.
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