Japanese Wrestling

NJPW – Lion’s Gate Project 13 – June 13th

We have the new Lion’s Gate Project show coming up Live on njpwworld and I have some information and a full card line-up, so let’s get into it.

This show will begin at 19:00 JST, 03:00 PST, 06:00 EST and 11:00 BST and will be airing from the Shinjuku building in Tokyo

This card only has 5 matches, I’m not a regular viewer of these shows so not sure if this is a normal card or a smaller than usual card but I do like that these shows give the newer wrestlers a good chance to get in front of a crowd. They also get good experience working with talented veterans and work different matches in different places on the card, like the main event. This should be fun.

Match Card

  1. Yota Tsuji vs Yuya Uemura
  2. Narita vs Shinsuke Sayama
  3. Dinosaur Takuma & Tenzan vs Henare & Nakanishi
  4. Nagata vs Oka
  5. Shota Umino vs Ayao Yoshida

And that’s the card. Not much to say here except I guess it’s a big deal that Shota Umino (Red Shoes’ legitimate son) getting a shot at a main event for the first time. It will be fun to enjoy his journey, from here to deep into the main card of New Japan’s bigger shows if he goes that far.

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