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Ring Of Honor – State Of The Art – San Antonio, Texas – June 15th PREVIEW

Ring Of Honor is Live in San Antonio, Texas at the Aztec Theatre this Friday and it is available on FiteTV and Honor Club. The show is set to start at 7:30pm CDT, 5:30pm PST, 8:30 EST and 1:30am BST.

Meet and greet are available at the building two hours before the start of the show and wrestlers listed are The Young Bucks, Cody, Marty Scurll, Tenille Dashwood, Shane “Huricane” Helms, The Boys and Atlantis (CMLL).

The line up is as follows;

Six Man Tag Team Match – Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Cheeseburger & Delirous vs Punishment Martinez, Bully Ray & Shane Taylor

The Hurricane makes his ROH Debut in 6-Man Action teaming with Cheeseburger and his trainer, Delirous to take on Punishment Martinez, Bully Ray and Shane Taylor. Shane Helms and Shane Taylor had some heated words on Twitter when Hurricane first announced he would wrestle for ROH. We also have the story between Bully and the “New Generation” with Cheeseburger and his trainer in the match. My Prediction is Bully’s team wins

Jay Lethal vs T.K O’Ryan

Jay Lethal takes on The Kingdoms TK O’Ryan in San Antonio and I’m always happy to see a Lethal match. I’m a big Jay Lethal guy as I’ve watched ROH for a while now and whether he’s the champion or not, he always comes off as the top guy. TK is lucky to have such a experienced guy to work so early in his career. TK has real potential and Jay should make this fun. My Prediction is Jay Lethal to win.

The Kingdom vs The Boys

This match is what it is, The Kingdom don’t really excite me in anyway and The Boys are fun, athletic and can be exciting but when someone’s act is they are pretty much a joke it’s hard to get invested. I hope to see more from The Boys in the future, maybe a character change of some sort. My Prediction is The Kingdom to Win

Cody vs Jonathan Gresham

This should be very fun, Jonathan Gresham has been around the indie block a few times and therefore has picked up some good tricks. I really enjoy his style of mat wrestling mixed with speed and agility he should be a good match for Cody, who for the most part works babyface in ROH but will probably have to change it up against Gresham. My Prediction is Cody to Win

Sumie Sukai & Tenille Dashwood vs Thunder Rosa & Kelly Klein

We have a Women Of Honor Tag Match with the WOH Champion Sumie Sukai teaming with Tenille Dashwood to take on Thunder Rosa & Kelly Klein. I’m not too aware of who Thunder Rosa is as I don’t watch much WOH on YouTube and I was kind of hoping ROH would make a bigger deal of the Women’s division after introducing a Women Of Honor Championship but most of the Women’s matches have been tag matches that haven’t built to much of anything as of yet. I’m hoping we could get a championship contender soon as Sumie Sukai is a very talented wrestler. My Prediction is Thunder Rosa and Kelly Klein to win.

SCU vs Team CMLL

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky(SoCal Uncensored) team to take on Team CMLL, Atlantis, Stuka Jr. And Guerrero Maya Jr. I don’t watch much Lucha and have only seen clips of CMLL so this will be an experience for me, SCU are very good at what they do and I’ll be interested to see what this brings. My Prediction is Team CMLL to Win.

Young Bucks, Adam “Hangman” Page and Marty Scurll vs The Briscoes and The Killer Elite Squad

Our Main Event of the evening is a huge 8 man tag match seeing Matt & Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks team with Hangman Page and Marty Scurll to take on two huge teams of The Briscoes and former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Champions, The Killer Elite Squad. Needles to say this should be a very funny match as I am a fan of everyone in this match and looking forward seeing the chaos unfold. My Prediction is Bullet Club to Win.

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