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My June 11th Update – New things on Highspots Wrestling Network

Hello again, in this Update I will briefly run down some new shows on the Highspots Wrestling Network for the subscribers of that service.

There are six new wrestling shows on the front page of the Highspots Wrestling Network and I will list them here with line-ups. No spoilers for these shows as I’m starting to watch them myself.

As I write this Highspots is uploading more shows so stay tuned!

  • DEFY NOW | 06.09.18

    The Show duration is 01:08:54 and the Description on Highspots reads “DEFY NOW | 06.09.18”, “DEFY TO SURVIVE 10 ELIMINATION CHALLENGE” and “DEFY CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH SHANE SWERVE STRICKLAND(C) VS MATT SYDAL”

  • Overdrive Pro “The Beginning”

    The duration of this show is 02:06:24. This show is dated October 14th 2017 and uploaded June 9th 2018 the matches listed are;

  1. Rebel vs Tessa Blanchard
  2. Robbie E vs Ali Shabazz
  3. Mayhem( Gater McAlister & hammerjack) vs Mikey McNeely & Anthony Taylor
  4. Lisa Marie Varon vs ODB
  5. Marty Janettey vs Chris Michaels
  6. Jocephus vs Ryback
  7. Johnny Mundo vs Ricochet
  1. Preston Quinn vs Jaxon Stone
  2. Heatseakers vs Warkings
  3. Xtreme Horsemen(CW Anderson & Damien Wayne) vs Geordie Bulldogs
  4. 6 way Ladder match – Brandon Scott vs Timmy Lou Retton vs White Mike vs Billy Brash vs Axton Ray vs Gifted One Yahya
  5. AML Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match – Caleb Konley vs Zane Dawson
  1. ACH vs Chris Bey
  2. Eli Everfly vs Darby Allin
  3. Hammerstone vs Jeff Cobb
  5. PCW ULTRA World Womens Championship Match – Chelsea Green vs Tessa Blanchard
  6. WARBEAST vs Le Rebelion
  7. PCW ULTRA World LHW Championship Match – Douglas James vs Shane Strickland(c)
  8. PCW ULTRA World HW Championship Match – Homicide vs Penta El Zero M(c)
  1. Round 1: 5 way elimination Blocks, Bats and Bundles Deathmatch: G-Raver vs Casanova Valentine vs Jimmy Lloyd vs SHLAK vs Stockade
  2. Round 1: 3-Way Elimination Four Corners Of Pain Deathmatch:Josh Crane vs Mance Warner vs Dale Patricks
  3. Round 1: Lotsa Lotsa Light tubes Deathmatch: Drew Parker vs Rickey Shane Page
  4. Round 1: 4-Way Elimination, Falls count anywhere, Barbed Wire Madness Deathmatch: Kit Osbourne vs Conor Claxton vs Brandon Kirk vs Dan O’Hare
  5. Semi Finals Number 1
  6. Semi Finals Number 2: Ladder & Light Tubes Deathmatch
  7. Non-tournament: 3-Way, Fans bring the weapons Deathmatch: Matt Tremont vs Toby Klein vs Jeff Cannonball
  8. Tournament Of Death FINAL: No rope, Barbed Wire & Light Tubes Deathmatch

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