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My June 1st update – njdominion preview

With the Best Of The Super Jrs wrapping up on June 4th and a potential opponent for Will Ospreay’s IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship I can’t help but look forward to just over a week. New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion will be streaming live on njpwworld and is the most stacked new japan card since Wrestlekingdom on January 4th and is something to really get excited about, so lets kick it off with the rundown of the card. I’ll start from the bottom of the card on the njpw schedule website and finishing with the main event.

Rey Mysterio vs ???

this could be a very fun match and new japan has plenty of options here. NJPW have obviously been planning this since probably just after the show Rey was supposed to wrestle for NJPW but was injured, so I’m sure they have a good match planned. lets go through some possibilities, we have the chance that Will himself wins the BOSJ and then challenges Rey as they were supposed to face off last time for the belt. Another possibility could be Rey Mysterio vs Jushin Thunder Liger, this could be a meeting of two legends that would be very fun to see and with no stacked on the line I’m sure most would still be invested in the match. Alternatvely Rey could take a trip to the Osaka-Jo Hall to face the guy who unmasked him the last time Rey was in a New Japan Ring, Marty Scurll. Marty took Rey’s mask off and put it on the top of his own head, then gave the crowd in attendance the finger. This could be enough to run a story where Rey wants to get his hands on Marty. This couldn’t be advertised until after the BOSJ as everyone still has a chance of winning and facing Will for his belt.

Never Openweight Championship 3-Way Match

Hirooki Goto(c) vs Michael Elgin vs Taichi

This match i have a lot less to say about, after Goto defended his title in the last show he was attacked by Taichi therefore setting up a match. I’m not sure how Elgin got in this match but he’s there. I’ve never really been into either Michael Elgin, Tiachi or the Never Openweight championship. I Like Goto and will of course watch but I’m not expecting this match to steal the show but i am expecting it to still be good. I’m assuming Taichi wins the Championship here.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag team championships – Los Ingobernables De Japon(c) vs The Young Bucks

This is the Young Bucks first championship match in the heavyweight division of NJPW and one of the matches on a very stacked card that I’m really looking forward to. “King Of Darkness” EVIL & Sanada vs Matt & Nick Jackson for the IWGP Tag titles should be awesome, I am a big fan of the Young Bucks but I’m also a fan of LIJ so this will be tough but I’m going for the Young Bucks to win on this one.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship – Tetsuya Naito(c) vs Chris Jericho

This has been hyped ever since before Jericho faced Omega at Wrestlekingdom when word got out that Naito was not happy the the biggest show of the year, the show he had won the opportunity to headline for the second time. After having the first taken away by a fan vote Naito was unhappy, feeling for the second time his main event was taken away and Jericho didn’t like what The leader of LIJ was saying about Y2J. Jericho attacked Naito at NJPW’s New Years Dash held after Wrestlekingdom but until recently has been MIA from NJPW. Jericho showed back up to attack Naito again and challenge him to this match at Dominion. Jericho’s first match back in NJPW was against Omega and co-headlined the biggest show of New Japan’s calendar and what’s more, over exceeded everybody’s high expectations. I except Jericho and Naito to pull out another classic here and I except Naito to get the win in the end.

Main Event

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Two out of Three Falls – No Time Limit – Kazuchika Okada(c) vs Kenny Omega

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said about the previous three matches. They have all been absolutely blow away matches and if they’d been on three different years they would have won Wrestling Observer Match of the year, three years running. These two guys have a chemistry compared to Ric Flair and Rickey Steamboat but the last three matches Kenny has worked has a heel under the persona “The Cleaner” but now he his happily re-united with his golden lover, Kota Ibushi, I expect a different dynamic of a babyface Omega vs a heel Okada. We’ve seem Okada work slightly heel against some of his opponents but I except a more solid heel/face dynamic because the fans will be behind Kenny and they know that. This will be amazing and if you’re not subscribed to njpwworld then you should probably sign up before June 9th 2018! I except Kenny to win, end the streak of Okada and take the Championship.


I have an Extended NJDOMINION Preview available HERE.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the show. Please don’t be shy to tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or leave a comment below

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