My May 25th, 2018 Update. ROH HONORUNITED

Ring Of Honor have kicked off their UK tour with a show from Edinburgh tonight (May 25th, 2018) that streamed live on Honor Club and Fite TV and as an Honor Club VIP Annual member I enjoy these shows a lot as a part of my subscription. If I had to pay £7.99 for each show, I don’t think I’d catch every show because that cost adds up. I find the Honor Club very good value for money…

My thoughts on this show

Shane Taylor vs Scorpio Sky (Winner Shane Taylor)

This started with SCU (SoCal Uncensored) offering Taylor money to not fight and give the victory to Sky with Taylor’s gimmick being a hitman for hire. Taylor refuses saying “I don’t lay down no no one”. Shane Taylor has improved a lot recently and after losing weight he seems to be getting some what of a push by ROH. Scorpio Sky has been good for years and I like the pairing with Daniels and Kazarian. This was a good opener to get the Scottish crowd into the show with great atheism from Sky and big throws and a hard hitting style from Shane. Taylor does a leg drop on the apron almost ever match and it looks brutal, Sky sells it great here.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL & Sanada) (Winners LIJ)

This one starts with The Addiction stating that even though Scorpio Sky just lost SCU are still the best trio in the world and to prove it they would challenge Los Ingobernables De Japon right now. This was another very fun match, LIJ are stars where ever they go and Addiction brilliant too. Daniels and Kazarian get a great response with the quick double team moves and good cut off/heat spots before the hot tag to Sanada for EVIL. They had some comedy in this match with thumb biting and Sanada’s usual Paradise Lock spot. In the end EVIL pinned Daniels with Everything is EVIL.

Chardonnay & Kelly Klein vs Tenille Dashwood & Sumie Sakai (Winners Chardonnay & Kelly Klein)

This was a good Women Of Honor tag match with WOH using one local girl (Chardonnay) who looked good, with 3 of their top stars which led to a good match unlike some clunky matches seen previously on Honor Club. I’m pretty sure this match is setting up a future singles match between Kelly Klein and Tenille (Formally known as Emma in WWE) when Klein pinned Dashwood for the win when Tenille picked up the championship that Kelly brought in the ring only to have it snatched out of her hands by the referee then rolled up and pinned. Sumie was outside the ring at the time after diving onto Chardonnay from the top rope to the floor seconds earlier.

Punishment Martinez vs Kenny King (Winner Punishment Martinez)

This was a fast, high paced match that the crowd go into early, chanting Kenny King. It didn’t take long form this match to end up outside the ring with King Flipping off the apron onto Martinez, later Martinez would throw King into the barrier hard. Punishment Martinez really is more athletic than most give him credit for, he’s like ROH’s Baron Corbin but he is much more fun to watch. I usually look forward to a Punishment match but have mixed feelings on Kenny King as his appearances and pushes in ROH have been somewhat sporadic. Punishment wins with the South of Hevean chokeslam.

Mark Haskins & NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis vs The Young Buck, Matt & Nick Jackson (Winners The Young Bucks)

This match is my MOTN (Match Of The Night) with great crowd participation due to The Young Buck possibly being the biggest stars in ROH today and they were facing two great English wrestlers who may not be local but very well known locally. Haskins got some “Lets go Haskins” and “This is Haskins” chants which is hood when your not signed to either ROH or NJPW and the crowd is chanting your name, this could hopefully lead to more Mark Haskins on ROH shows. This had all the usual Young Bucks spots with some of Haskins top moves, including the fake dive into two quick dives on opposite sides of the ring and his armbar. Late in the match Nick Aldis hit a powerbomb hard to Matt Jackson and a good cloverleaf. The Young Buck pin Mark Haskins with the Meltzer Driver.

In the interval Ring Of Honor showed more classic ROH action for home viewers, this match was

Mark Haskins vs Hiromu Takahashi (Winner Takahashi).

I really like that ROH do this, they give us home viewers some great wrestling sandwiched inbetween some great Live Wrestling. The fans in attendance can go buy drinks, merch and meet wrestlers while we watch some really good ROH from the archives. This was another great one.

Back live Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer welcomed us back for another tag match.

The Boys vs Delirious & Toru Yano (Winners The Boys)

This was a complete comedy match with The Boys only having the names Boy 1 & Boy 2, Delirous and Yano not speaking English(Even though Delirous was talking to Yano in English) and the Boys screaming through the match. Delirous chases the Boys, the Boys chase Delirous. Yano eventually does his classic spots. Not much else to say, The Boys pin Delirous with a double lung-blower double team spot.

After the match Bully Ray attacked the Boys.

ROH TV Championship match, Silas Young (c) vs Joe Hendry (Winner Silas Young)

Hendry was very over here as he is from Edinburgh, the crowd knew his gimmicks and were singing his entrance music. This was very fun with the crowd so behind “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry but. Once again this is match that showcases some British talent that is love to see more in Ring Of Honor, I’m not sure how well known Hendry is around the world but he is someone to keep an eye out for. Unfortunately this was one of a few matches that the heels won and the crowd seemed a tad deflated after the “local hero” Joe Hendry was beaten by “The Last Real Man” Silas Young. Silas Young was good here and is come into his own after his fued with Kenny King that came across as never ending.


Jay Lethal, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Dalton Castle vs The Kingdom (c) (Winners The Kingdom)

This was the match back for both Dalton and Jay Lethal after Castle has had Leg, Back and hand injuries and Jay Lethal received a concussion on his last show after taking a sunset powerbomb from Takahashi two shows ago. The heavy crowd favourites here were the challengers Lethal, Tanahashi and Castle. It would be kind of silly for ROH to put the Six Man Championships on The ROH Champ and Tanahashi, who is not regularly around in ROH so for the second match in a row the heels won, taking the wind out of the sales of the fans. This was a match for the Kingdom to shine and I think they did that to a degree. I find the axe and balloons thing a bit hokey but, it is what it is. Matt Tavern pins Jay Lethal after a triple team powerbomb.

ROH World Tag team Championship match,

The Briscoes Mark & Jay (c) vs Bullet Club, Cody & Hangman Page

The story going into this match was, is the Bullet Club fine or not. In this match Cody and Page worked fine together but Page was always team Cody in the Kenny Omega vs Cody angle. Brandi accompanied Cody to the ring with her arm in a sling after breaking her collarbone in Stardom. No Bernard the Business Bear. Cody and Page were the obvious babyfaces here making this the third match in a row the heels won. Maybe ROH could of moved the SIX MAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH to the first half and had the Bucks in its place but I’m sure it didn’t make too much of a different to the live crowd. As this match included The Briscoes, Cody and Page you can be assured it was a cracker of a match with the crowd very into it and I enjoyed this match a lot too. I am liking The Briscoes new attitudes and like most I’m also a Bullet Club fan so can get behind the faces Bullet Club vs heel Briscoes, even if it’s a bit odd Cody being a face in ROH but a heel in NJPW with how close the companies work together. The Briscoes win when Jay hit a low blow to Hangman Page then a Jaydriller. The Briscoes beat down Bullet Club as the show goes off the air.

This show was really fun and even better for me it was in my time zone making the show start time 7pm. Like I said, I’m not sure I’d buy all of these shows individually for £7.99 but the Honor Club is really worth the money, either $9.99 a month or the two yearly subscriptions, you get a lot of content. I’m looking forward to the next one in London on Saturday 26th May.

Thank you for reading and please don’t be shy to tweet to me @ProWresMatthew


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